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Liz Morris-WebbCollection of some coastal species is well established in Wales and embedded in our culture. Today, there are many reasons why people collect things from the shore including cooking, angling, art, natural history and even cosmetics. Some species may be economically and culturally important, but there has been no research on the social importance of collection to the gatherers themselves. 

This project aims to bring together the cultural and social values of Welsh shoreline gathering activities and recognise their importance to the people of Wales.  This will provide evidence towards preserving gathering from the seashore for future generations, whilst showing that our Welsh gathering has value on a global stage.


PhD student Liz Morris-Webb is travelling the coast of Wales questioning collectors about what their gathering activities really mean to them. She is also interviewing people about the family, cultural and heritage values people associate with their activities. Contact Liz by email on or ring me on 07868 705017.



See the attached leaflets for more information.

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Welsh Seaweed Snacks



We are interested in COLLECTORS OF ANY LIVING THING (animal, plant or seaweed) for any reason, anywhere in Wales.  We are really keen to hear from people collecting from Welsh shores in 2018. 

Your answers will remain anonymous unless you would like to be identified.

Importantly, we will not be giving any personal or sensitive information to any other people or organisations.



Our survey takes about 20 minutes. Taking part will both help us make a really valuable project for all collectors to be proud of, and make you think more about what you get personally from your seashore gathering activities.

Please contact Liz (below) to arrange a face to face or telephone interview


follow the link below to do an online survey






Watch this space for the results of the 'What gathering from the seashore means to you?' survey.

Results aim to be written up in scientific literature but will also be publicised in the local media and online.

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This project would not be possible without funding from Bangor University, KESS2, The European Social Fund and Marine EcoSol.