Welcome to my Homepage

I am a Professor of Marine Ecology at the School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University where I have a research group in coastal ecology.  My research interests cover a range of areas including larval supply/ recruitment of benthic invertebrates, the importance of biodiversity in the functioning of ecosystems, long term change in the marine environment, the community ecology of intertidal rocky shores particularly over large geographic scales and the introduction and impact of non native species. 

The work of my research group mostly concentrates on the ecology of rocky shores and coastal seas of the British Isles, particularly North Wales (where I am now located) but also SW England, the Isle of Man and the west coast of Scotland.   In North Wales we have pristine and varied shores on our doorstep on the island of Anglesey and the LLeyn peninsula and easy access via our research vessel the Prince Madog to the Irish Sea. As well as field based research my group also work extensively using indoor and outdoor experimental mesocosms.  A reliable seawater supply from the Menai Strait adjacent to the School of Ocean Sciences means we have extensive facilities for conducting this kind of work.